We are top notch SEO’s who decided to break into web design because we saw a need to bridge the gap between great design and effective marketing. For seven years, we partnered with design firms who created fantastic works of web art in their quest to articulate a great brand into a web form. More often than not, we witnessed great designs that failed to address critical marketing issues. Search compliance, usability, and conversion elements took a back seat to artistic expression. In many cases, companies spend tens of thousands of dollars on web development projects before they consider that the project foundation needs a web-marketing plan built into it if the goal is to realize marketing success.

We believe marketing need not be sacrificed on the altar of great design and artistic expression. Our mission is to build the highest quality art and design and translate your brand into your online vision that captivates your target audience while maintaining technical marketing integrity from the foundation to the finished product. We are your one stop solution for top end web design, SEO, paid search, and conversion optimization.

Before you invest in your online asset, don’t’ just build a design and branding plan without a marketing plan and be sure that whoever you use understands web marketing concepts in design. What questions should you ask a web developer before you hire them? Our first blog addresses that issue.











Developing a web site today requires consideration of broader factors in addition to traditional design and marketing elements. For example, 6500 different screen sizes were manufactured last year alone. How does your web site respond to each device? Does it respond at all? When 70% of all Internet connections are not used on laptops or desktops, your website is antiquated if it is not built in a responsive format. Google has stated that building responsive web sites that serve pages fast on all devices is a sign of quality, and quality web sites are rewarded. Speed of page delivery, responsiveness to variable device environments, user engagement, and quality ongoing media production are the difference makers in modern online marketing campaigns. We don’t simply design web sites. We plan an architecture that will optimize the speed of page delivery on all platforms. We optimize server code for greater efficiencies. We structure web sites to have the best chance to rank well on Google with built in on page SEO using modern SEO principles. We build web sites that respond to all device sizes. We design web sites that translate your unique message and brand to your audience.

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We build web sites to rank with core SEO principles in mind. The only thing we might better at than designing web pages is SEO. Currently, we host and manage over 650 web sites that have obtained top 3 rankings on Google for a multitude of keywords in some of the world’s most competitive markets. As owners of web assets that generate revenue from SEO work we’ve done in house since 2008, we understand what it is to live and die by the ever-changing algorithm (200 changes per year minimum) and the growing list of penalty types from Panda to Pigeon. We have a unique historical perspective as we’ve monitored and witnessed changes on Google for 6 years. These events have given us not only an understand of do’s and don’ts but also given us insight into Google’s philosophical changes including changes that are never published by other SEO’s. For example, we’ve discovered that local business data validation via My Google Business has a profound effect on organic rankings – you will not find an article discussing this ranking factor anywhere other than this page or our blog. Design plays a part in SEO and building a site from the ground up that is built for speed, responsiveness, and on page SEO compliance is critical as a ranking foundation. Above that, modern, white hat SEO, consists of creative media production, effective social dissemination, and social media engagement.


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  • Identifying Seed Keywords
  • Blowing Seed Keywords
  • Weeding out junk Keywords
  • Tagging Generic Keywords

Campaign Setup

  • Campaign Management
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Lifetime Value Optimization
  • Big Data Leveraging

Traffic Analytics

  • Discuss Business Outcomes
  • Identify Business Goals
  • Collect Data
  • Record Benchmark

Cost Per Optimization

  • Asset Utilization Analysis
  • Teleworking
  • Employees Self Services
  • Video Conferencing

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We are experts in paid search management. We’ve done it for many years. If you are doing paid search now, just let us audit your account for free and in 15 minutes, we’ll tell you if we can help. Our philosophy is that paid search is your marketing gas pedal. You turn it up when you want more business, but you never depend it because your organic/social media campaign should be bringing you most of your online business if it is done right. Remarketing is the best online branding tool known to man. If you’re not doing it, start doing it or hire us to help you do it. Of course, there are some instances where remarketing is not applicable to a campaign, but if you are interested in having your brand in front of the people who have already shown a level of intent to buy your service.

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